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The waiting room is full, you're breaking out in a sweat; beside you an alien has vomited on shoes. Above you sits a sign stating there has been 0 hours since the last death and you contemplate how legitimate this man's doctorate is. The nurse appears in the doorway...

The Doctor will see you now.

This was an entry for 'Games For Better', in which it won 2nd place. The theme behind this gamejam was 'Antibiotic Resistance' and was made in 2 days with some artistic assistance from Ben Wilkinson.


Doctor Swiperson - Android.zip 19 MB
Doctor Swiperson - Linux.zip 24 MB
Doctor Swiperson - OSX.zip 24 MB
Doctor Swiperson - Windows.zip 11 MB


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hi! the macOS version isn't working by the way...



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Liked playing your game, I will have a let's play uploaded in soon.


The video is unavailable :(

Sorry it'll be available in the morning.